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GTRXD Tested by Full Strap and Stringer

Before Gator Tail releases any new products to the market, we put them through an extensive testing process. While we personally run our prototype motors and boats, we also work with some of the most hardcore hunters and anglers to put the screws to these new products. By putting plenty of hours on a potential new product, we can look and see how they stand up the abuse of a duck season, a crawfish season, or rigorous fishing hours. 

One of the groups we trusted to test the new GTRXD was Full Strap and Stringer Guide Service at Catahoula Lake, LA. Catahoula Lake is the perfect proving grounds for a surface drive motor. Water levels fluctuate throughout a duck season and hunters can expect to run their boats through anywhere from 6 inches of water on mud flat to 6 feet of water in the timber. 

Watch below Full Strap owner Blake Soileau offers his thoughts on working with Gator Tail and testing the GTRXD. If you’ve never hunted Catahoula Lake and want to see what it’s all about, please check these guys out:


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