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Gator-Tail has several blind options designed to work in tandem with our boats. The Quack House is our fully functioning, floating blind boat that can be towed or powered to wherever the ducks are.

Every feature you need


Get your blind to where the ducks are.

Customize your cover to the natural surroundings.

Drive or Tow it in place, load your gun and get ready.

Wind protection, warm and dry.


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Gator-Tail is all about giving the customer what they want and that’s why we offer custom built boat blinds. Built on the dependable well performing Gator-Tail hull, the all aluminum blind is just what you need when you want the best hunting experience. There’s plenty of room for four hunters to hunt in comfort. Our custom boat blinds can be fitted with several options such as shell trays, gun holders, stove trays, spud poles and many other possible options and accessories.

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you never


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